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Our History and Mission

Our History

In January 2010, Shaquira Robinson approached her counselor Ms. Paillere about a problem that she noticed within her high school, Young Women’s Preparatory Academy (YWPA). All of the girls within her school had their own “cliques” and did not make room for anyone else from another “clique” to join them. This led to problems with the girls learning to accept each other’s differences, causing them to be segregated. The problem was overwhelming for Shaquira, but the idea of a “Girl Conference” took shape. The purpose of the conference would be to get the high school girls and take them away from their “cliques” in order to show them how to bond with different girls. Shaquira immediately took the initiative to make this happen, by gathering a committee of her peers and beginning the process.


After months of hard work, on May 26, 2010, the first annual Girl Talk 1 on 1 Conference took place. Over 150 girls from diverse backgrounds participated. After overwhelming feedback from surveys taken at the conference, this has become an annual YWPA event. After starting the legacy at Young Women’s Preparatory Academy, Shaquira took on this vision and extended the conference into her local community. In 2011 she established Girl Talk 1 on 1 into an official organization, Girl Talk 1 on 1, Incorporated.


Since then, Shaquira continued to grow Girl Talk 1 on 1 each year and provide additional services to reach more girls. As of 2018, Girl Talk 1 on 1 received 501c3 status as a tax-deductible organization. The Girl Talk 1 on 1 team continues to be consistent in serving girls, with the goal of increasing impact, making connections, and collaborating.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Girl Talk 1 on 1 is to serve adolescent girls and the community, by providing them the opportunity to develop personal and professional skills to become change agents of tomorrow.


Our Purpose

Girl Talk 1 on 1 enables girls to reach their full potential by learning to embrace and unapologetically love themselves, empower others, and capitalize on their best attributes in order to reach their goals. We create safe spaces to bring unity and respect among diverse girls, while also promoting equity and empowerment. We instill in girls confidence, self-esteem, and knowledge of life skills to apply and fulfill their passions.

Our Core Values

Our values impact every aspect of our organization—how we conduct programming, how we serve girls and the community, and how we make decisions.

Believe in your capabilities.


Belief that you are worthy

Self Esteem

Personal development and learning about 'real world' topics.


Unity and uplifting one another.

Advocate for equity in all things.



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