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Girl Talk One On One

The mission of Girl Talk 1 on 1 is to serve adolescent girls and the community, by providing them the opportunity to develop personal and professional skills to become change agents of tomorrow.

Girl Talk 1 on 1 Day became official in Miami Dade County on January 11, 2019 due to our community efforts and work for 10 plus years.

Girl Talk 1 on 1 provides book scholarships to female graduating seniors and undergraduate college students.

Since 2010, Girl Talk 1 on 1 has consistently held the annual development conference, serving over 1700 girls in the Miami-Dade County area.


What We Strive For

Girl Talk 1 on 1 is a personal and professional development organization that enables girls to reach their full potential by learning to embrace themselves, and other young women, and capitalize on their best attributes. This organization will help bring unity and respect among diverse girls, while also promoting equity and empowerment. 

Dancing Hands

What We Do

We instill girls with confidence, self-esteem, and knowledge of life skills to empower themselves and fulfill their passions. We serve our communities and girls through the annual personal and professional development conference, empowerment and equity-focused workshops, community programs, and philanthropy.

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